Here are some frequently asked questions that Dr. Friedman receives from his patients and others.


  1.  What are the typical features of classic trigeminal neuralgia?
    1. Unilateral facial pain
    2. Intermittent lightening like pain
    3. Trigger points – touching that spot brings on the pain
    4. Good response to carbamazepine.
  2. What is the best medication for trigeminal neuralgia?
    1. The answer is CARBAMAZIPINE.  This medication is so effective at treating trigeminal neuralgia that a negative response may indicate that TN is not the correct diagnosis.  This is a VERY safe medication which has been used on millions of patients. Unfortunately, it is commonly prescribed at too high a dose, which leads to confusion, imbalance, etc.  The starting dose should be 100mg twice a day.  This can be gradually increased and will often result in years of pain control.  Only if the meds are causing side effects should surgery be considered.